January 27, 2020

Staying Current: TJAGLCS Website and TJAGLCS YouTube Television!!!

Technology keeps moving forward, and TJAGLCS is no different. Keep up with TJAGLCS news and events through the publicly accessible TJAGLCS website and the TJAGLCS Youtube Television Channel!!!

TJAGLCS website: Launched in 2017, the TJAGLCS website provides quick access to TJAGLCS information/resources, to include student services and course information, LCS publications, a Lifelong Learning page, pages for the School, NCOA, Legal Center and more. Although some areas of the website are restricted to currently serving military and civilian personnel, other areas are publicly available, including The Army Lawyer and The Military Law Review (current and past issues). Find the site here.

TJAGLCS Television on Youtube: Launched in 2019, TJAGLCS Television brings live streamed and recorded TJAGLCS events directly to your office/home/device. Recent events on TJAGLCS Television include TJAG’s New Year’s address to the JAGC, the roll out ceremony for the new FM 6-27 (Commander’s Handbook on the Law of Land Warfare), and the 209th Officer Basic Course graduation. Find the site here.