February 10, 2020

Check Out the Army Lawyer and the Military Law Review on the TJAGLCS Public Website!

What better way to keep that alumni spirit alive and stay in touch with the latest goings-on in the JAG Corps than by reading the Army Lawyer and the Military Law Review? Perhaps only by submitting an article for publication and contributing to the conversation of the Corps!

The Military Law Review is a quarterly digital publication highlighting the strong scholarly work produced throughout the JAG Corps. The comprehensive online archive dates back to 1958! In addition, the Chair Lectures sponsored by the Alumni Association are transcribed and printed in the Military Law Review, allowing all members of the Association to share in the leadership and scholarship lessons from esteemed members of the military and legal communities.

2019 presented a new member of the Chair Lecture Series—the Thomas J. Romig Lecture in Principled Legal Practice. The first of these lectures came from Mr. Alberto Mora, the former General Counsel of the Navy, who worked closely with the service TJAGs to oppose the use of torture at the naval base at Guantanamo Bay. This lecture is available to read on the Military Law Review webpage, located here

Other articles from the latest issue of the Military Law Review include a look at human rights and detention operations in the Indo-Pacific Region, interoperability between U.S. Special Operations Forces and foreign non-military forces, and a very timely evaluation of the “Widow Tax.”

The Army Lawyer is published in print and online, presenting a mix of scholarly articles, practice notes, and Regimental news. Each issue is themed, including the recent roll-out of the Military Justice Redesign, civilian attorneys and paraprofessionals, and resilience. There are myriad articles that are helpful to practitioners in the field and plenty of other news that will keep the Alumni Association community well-informed and tied in to the JAG Corps practice and culture. Publication is open to all members of the JAG Corps, as well as authors from outside the JAG Corps! Whether you are a junior paralegal or a senior civilian attorney, a judge advocate or a legal administrator, the Army Lawyer wants to hear from you! Email your submission to: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-tjaglcs.list.tjaglcs-tal-editor@mail.mil or follow the link on the webpage, here.